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tv   Headline News  RT  November 19, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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the. double bombing targets the iranian embassy in beirut leaving dozens dead and scores injured. i ask obama to bring my dad back to life the u.s. drone war on terror is missing its mark with human rights groups reporting mounting civilian deaths as he travels to a yemeni village to hear firsthand accounts. this is all that remains from a u.s. predator drone strike right here in yemen that killed two suspected members of al qaeda but also civilians so in the loss of innocent lives justified in the fight against al qaeda stay with us as we report from one of the front lines in the war on terror. and the russian court grants by greenpeace activists bringing the total of those released to twelve of a part of
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a group detained for their attempt to storm. a top story. from austria center in moscow this is r t with twenty four hours a day up to twenty three people have been killed in powerful blast near the iranian embassy in lebanon capital beirut conflicting reports suggest an iranian cultural attack is among the victims of the bombings that injured more than one hundred forty lebanese group linked to al qaida has reportedly claimed responsibility for this attack a middle east correspondent has the latest. the blasts happened at nine thirty this morning there were two blasts that were just seconds apart and according to lebanese security officials the one was caused by a suicide bomber who was driving
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a rig's car and the other was caused by a person on a motorcycle as i say they came just seconds apart leaving charred bodies strewn about on the ground there and also in flames rising from several buildings aid workers as well as residents have been carrying the wounded in the dead on blankets to nearby buildings there have been hospitals that have been inundated with people arriving now the iranian embassy building itself was only likely damaged but the iranian embassy compound has been extensively hit the area is a stronghold of the militant hizbullah group that has strong ties with the syrian president bashar assad and it's unclear at this stage whether or not the blasts are linked in any way to the syrian civil war but it's important to note that this area has been hit by similar such explosions in the past and at that time the blame was put on rebels who were believed to have targeted this area because of iran's
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support for. in syria now the lebanese government has condemned the attacks it has called for an emergency meeting at the same time tehran's envoy to lebanon has said that he believes that israel and the same comments are being made by the syrian information minister. to discuss this further i'm now joined live by sharmeen no one issues a senior associate since antony's college of oxford university showing the lebanese brigades they have said they are all behind this attack why would they have done this. brigades is an offshoot of it's named after a founder of. its goals are they stablish benefits state it is very sectarian organization and threatened hezbollah and shia community and lebanon before and it has it professes to be behind backing the syrian revolution against
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the government of bashar assad so you know these things all pulled together and the region that is heavily focused on syria and now and now iran hezbollah off course being an ally of these two. provides provides an easy target and the iranian embassy attack i think we have to look at in light of what's going on the region of course the geneva talks about iran's nuclear file start tomorrow this comes right before that it comes right as the syrian army takes another rebel stronghold in syria and there is a general escalation in the region and now i'm brigades also has allegedly some saudi ties i know. have a base and head away palestinian camp and last year it was
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a saudi national who was helping smuggle in fighters and members into the camp so show mean hezbollah and iran being targeted here in lebanon of course is this really a clear indication of that lebanon is being drawn into this crisis in the region. it's an easy target it just simply doesn't have the you know strong national army that is defending its borders and so a big it's a vulnerable state. it's obviously a lot easier to move around than iran would be and it's. i think these are attempts to strike at a vulnerable proxy. or ally of iran and syria. because it's becoming increasingly hard to do so in syria so yes of course people are going to be carrying out these proxy battles here in lebanon on and like i said all of this is happening in the context of an escalation of war rhetoric words and.
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i'm talking of rhetoric of course we've heard that iran is blaming israel for the bombings why would it want to point the finger of blame against israel. well i don't know specifically why they leveled the charges that israel but there is like i said with the escalation of rhetoric in this region we are increasingly seeing israel and saudi arabia come in on one side of things the saudis have you know their hands and large networks of jihad these throughout the region in syria in lebanon and and we have seen an increasingly close relationship with. iran and and also in political violence sometimes you know you could argue that even coordinated they have the same interest right now is to sabotage iran's growth and influence in the region and the nuclear talks in geneva and of course any victory for iran or the assad government in syria showing the
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scene associates in tennessee's college oxford university thank you very much indeed for your thoughts great to have you live on altie thanks. well still ahead this hour say cheese to the business spice. camera that scans my face it recognizes that i'm female and aids between thirty and forty five it then sends that information back to advertise the blood health facial recognition systems have been deployed to help the companies sell their products to unsuspecting consumers. that's still to come for you but first talks over iran's nuclear program are set to resume tomorrow after a round of negotiations earlier this month failed to seal an agreement israel has been staunchly opposed to a deal along with france saying any lifting of sanctions against iran would happen only if to iran gave up its program meanwhile russia's president has voiced his
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optimism that a deal would be read soon or he's pulled scott reports on monday at the initiative of russian president vladimir putin he and his iranian counterpart hassen rouhani had a phone conversation after which the russian president was quoted as saying that he believes there is now a real chance that iran and the international community can come to an agreement over the country's nuclear program an agreement that would eventually seeing the easing of sanctions on the country now the storm just opposition to that move is coming from israel who has strong support from france france of course are in the negotiating group in fact french president francois hollande has been in israel prior to those talks in geneva on wednesday but despite the documented differences after the first round of talks a lot of optimism is shared by russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov you are the residual speculations of the positive shift we now see in negotiations over iran's
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nuclear program has only become possible because of pressure coming from sanctions against it i suggest we leave it to. we as diplomats simply can't afford to be dragged into these meaningless discussions we now have a real chance to sign a solid deal in if we let speculation lead us astray we could lose this chance there are many who will be very upset if the talks collapse once again which of also went on to say that tehran has agreed to two stipulations specified specified by france at those earlier talks that is to stop enriching uranium to twenty percent all together and to limit the amount of uranium enriched to three and a half percent so it does seem that ahead of wednesday's talks there was a real sense of optimism that there could be a breakthrough which could end this decade long standoff let's take a closer look at the terms of a possible nuclear agreement here as paul mentioned in his report international negotiators are demanding iran halt uranium enrichment to the twenty percent level
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blending down the existing stock to five percent to run is also to limit the number of centrifuges used and allow broader monitoring of its nuclear facilities world powers would then agree to unfreeze some iranian assets and ease the sanctions currently crippling iran's economy the former french prime minister dominique. believes international negotiators should seize the moment to seal a deal or face far reaching consequences. the question is how much are we ready to pick the risk to sign the agreement and i think to assess the importance of this agreement we must understand that it is a process of course we are not going to get the final agreement from scratch on wednesday but we can go in the pluses of an agreement with an interim area of agreement and then we can progress and have a final agreement that would be better so i think it's a chance and we should take it it is the interest of the region because this will
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have strong consequences on the situation in syria on this situation in lebanon on the peace process so this may change completely the dynamic of the region for good on the contrary if we don't sign the agreement if we don't take all the chances to sign this agreement we may have the strong consequences and we may face is strike in iran coming from either up ahead of tomorrow's talks r.t. so if you have an answer spoke to iran's deputy foreign minister about his country's relations with the west to change after president rouhani came to power and that full interview will be shown on friday right here on r.t. has a brief preview. he votes for there a dialogue has been established in different spheres including a bilateral dialogue with the u.s. on the sidelines of the p five plus one in regards to our nuclear program and you atmosphere has been established but we believe that some forces in the us and in
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the west in general are applying efforts to destroy these new relations instead of using them iran is always showing readiness to cooperate with the u.s. and the west to embrace any of their positive approaches as long as the rounds rights and not undermined because any agreement on an equal basis could attract iran's attention we believe washington now has this chance to negotiate with iran but as to how they will use this opportunity is for the future to tell because i. i. a drone strike in yemen has killed three al-qaeda suspects according to local officials the american deadly drone campaign is usually shrouded in secrecy with relatively little information about who the victims of the attacks actually are but human rights watch managed to study six strikes and found the majority of those
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killed in them have been civilians including women and children aunties lucy kevin all traveled to a yemeni village devastated by the u.s. war on terror. it says no faith for the one who has no trust but both are now in short supply in this part of yemen for months the class has been without its mouth teacher and this pupil without his father this is the big show about a charity i didn't ask his name is still on the staff schedule but i leave hasn't been here since signing out of class on january twenty third the last the day the finality the father of three was killed by a u.s. drone alongside his twenty year old cousin salim a college student who drove them in a borrowed to yoda they picked up two strangers who turned out to be suspected al qaeda militants witnesses reported a whirring sound in the sky and missiles struck their car. the smell of death was everywhere some of the bodies were burned beyond recognition the rest were ripped
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to shreds and scattered all around. i found a part of saleman side the car the rest was outside we only recognised him by a piece of his trousers. you couldn't tell who was who if they were even human it was sickening. one drone change this sleepy farming village for ever less than an hour's drive from yemen's capital kabul lawn is far removed from al qaeda operations but without warning it was thrust into the war on terror. saleem's mother shows me where her son used to sleep she can't bear to get rid of his things although she knows she'll never return home. to help us i didn't understand until the next day that an american drone killed my son why tell me may allah deprive them of their souls like they robbed us of our son he was the only one providing for this family all we have left now is our tears we only target al qaeda and its
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associated force and even then the use of drones is heavily can strike before any strike is taken there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured the highest standard we can set. accept there was a deadly failure yemen's interior ministry confirms the cousins had no links to terrorism in a country where tribal ties surmount all the loss was felt far beyond the family the white house has never acknowledged the deaths let alone the strike but mohamed shows me the evidence this is what killed them what's thought to be a fragment of a hellfire missile launched from a drone. the u.s. believes this is its best weapon against al qaeda although not officially out war in yemen the covert drone campaign has been dramatically ramped up here under president obama. yemen's al qaeda threat is real
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it's plotted attacks on international airliners and caused hundreds of deaths the cia describes it as the most dangerous and active branch of the terrorist network. the defense is that drone strikes have seriously damaged his ability to plan attacks but critics here say it's doing the exact opposite it does not contain the growth of. fast may have contributed to the growth and expansion of. at some point when i can slide enough powerful enough to be able to inflict serious damage the u.s. war on terror has no borders often waged remotely with cruise missiles and drones it's an undeclared global battlefield in which yemen is just one of the front lines of fight against groups like al qaida in which ordinary civilians also end up paying a price. i ask obama to bring my dad back to life all the kids at school have their
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fathers but we don't reporting income on in yemen and lucy catherine of. moscow but with more news for you after a short break. economic in the final. days. and the rest of it will be.
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a pleasure to have you with us today. a total of twelve greenpeace members have now been released on bail after a court. activist today a group of thirty campaigns were arrested two months ago when trying to board an oil rig. russian investigators have applied to court here in st petersburg to prolong the pretrial detention for all so called arctic thirty.
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saying they need more time at least three more months to complete their probe this week marks two months since thirty men and women from nineteen different countries mostly greenpeace activists but also the arctic sunrise icebreaker crew and two journalists were detained on monday the first hearing started and the judges already decided to keep in the russia's jail one till february one activist from australia while released on bail to a three other participants of russian citizen ship but there are a total of thirty applications and all of them have to be started and examined by the judges this is why you will see definitely more hearings and more court rulings this week be arrest of these people has already sparked worldwide criticism with people in a more than forty countries taking to the streets to express their solidarity to protest against this decision over russia's court these people were arrested in
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september when they arrived to russia's northern pretoria sea. close to put as long now offshore all drilling in the arctic it's owned by russia's energy giant gazprom and they tried to organize a protest against drilling in this area and course the investigation still continues and still to be. clarified exactly what happened and how it should be classified but of course it is a very controversial case. the flight recorders recovered from a passenger plane which crashed have shed some light on the tragedy early indications reveal the autopilot was disengaged just moments before the jet plummeted to the ground and burst into flames the boeing seven three seven aborted the landing after that the crew requested a second attempt it's believed it's the first time the captain had ever attempted to go around the plane rapidly climb to heart of seven hundred meters while losing speed the crew then forced the jet into a dive in order to regain speed but it hit the ground at an almost vertical angle
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will fifty on board died in the crash on sunday evening investigators are still working on decoding the black boxes report suggests the tape in the cockpit voice recorder was missing while the flight recorder was badly damaged we're just reminded there's always plenty on line for you including to corporations with the role of ideas when it comes to motivating staff and watching the common find out what for a given campaign scared off customers from one of the biggest u.s. food stores which has also been accused of underpaying its workers. plus feel all over rising pollution in china has apparently not fallen on deaf ears authorities are now saying it's time to sacrifice a country sweeping economic growth which is that many restless for the sake of better living conditions on a website with more details on the nation's new ecological campaign. to see. first rate. and i think you're.
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going to. instal. the. time now for ati's world update in one person has been killed and about fifty people. the construction site of a south african shopping mall today nine people have been taken to hospital with serious to critical injuries the rest are believed to be construction workers remain trapped under the rubble with ambulances on the scene the cause of the collapse remains unknown. voting in a national assembly election in the poor has been disrupted after a bomb blast near a polling station injured several people reportedly went off after an eight year old boy picked up the roadside device thinking it was a toy incident comes after
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a series of similar attacks in recent days by protesters who say elections cannot be held until across party government is put in place. in haiti or files and strong anti-government march turned violent after crowds old fart shots in the air at least one person in the rally was killed which is holding a protest over the high cost of living and corruption and barricades of tires a call for president martelly to quit stop cars and posters of the leader's face before burning them. one of the world's giant retailers the british supermarket chain tesco is to kick off facial recognition technology to improve its advertising strategy for privacy campaigners are already sounding the alarm or to explain. since they it's thursday morning i walk into a shop it is all the usual stuff plus a special camera that scans my face it recognises that i'm female and aids between
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thirty and forty five cents that information back to advertise. to establish a pattern of who goes into the shop from now on on thursday mornings customers will be bombarded with ads shampoo and fashion magazine. if you think about something out of a futuristic movie think again it's what's happening now tesco the u.k.'s biggest supermarket chain is planning to introduce facial scanning technology in its petrol stations with a view to targeting advertising at the demographic that uses the shop most times of day. even the c.e.o. of the company that makes the technology says it's like something out of minority reports seemingly not realizing that comparing something to a film about the negative effects of having technology and media everywhere is
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a bad thing but tesco to friends the practice saying it's not new technology and isn't capable of facial recognition we're always looking to work with partners who provide innovative ways to enhance the customer shopping experience the ability to tailor content based on time and location means it can be extremely useful and timely for our customers all in the name of advertising customers permission would be sought and previous a campaign is where it could be the tip of the iceberg with technology improving all the time how long before you are being tracked identified while you pay for your groceries. back with more news for just over half an hour from now in the meantime much cars are asked why you have to work monday to friday according to someone else's clock and that's in the latest report coming away very short.
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just means a hundred dollars and i hope i was in the hood. about i said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young age. old come to the future. newsman's show about the technology keeping the moscow metro rolling new modeling and they said makes me ways in the oil industry and a dream team of robots who places too dangerous for humans. in fall the latest news in innovation is here and so noisy update on. the future coverage. torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred twenty three days.
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through two thousand and nine hundred towns and cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand kilometers. in a record setting trip by land air sea another space. a little victoria treeless. on r t r c dot com. by and max kaiser welcome to the kaiser report panic in the seeds of christie's panic in the seeds of the i wonder tomorrow. good inflationary time again the money printing side streets we've gone down i wondered
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to myself hopes may rise with the market but honey you're not safe there so you run to the fed to the safety of the printing press but there is panic on the streets of comix schiller nasdaq of the l b m a i wondered to myself down the field just go bang a bluff of bankers because the money that they owe to the pit it does so much to ruin our low. blows of printers hurting the group to. prove through the all right more seeing what you got for me yes hang the printers isn't the first headline essentially global art market sizzles with one hundred forty two million dollar bacon sale the record breaking one hundred forty two point four million dollars sale of francis bacon's three studies of lucian freud shows confidence in the art market and that the very wealthy see it as a safe haven for their money experts said yeah francis bacon triptych multi hundred.


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